Wreath : Perfect for summer ,Easter and Holi

BaloonWreathWreath making is another interest of mine. Those welcoming wreath hanging on the door not only look beautiful but also display the taste and mood of the home owner.

This wreath made with balloons is perfect for summer , hang it from Holi time ,it goes well with Easter theme too and then keep it till whole summer, the fun colours add the zing and the balloons makes this wreath quiet whimsical too. I love this one because you can use it as backdrop decor on your kids birthday , just customize it by adding the number of age of your kid on his/her birthday in the middle and there you go 🙂

Another one of my creation that is close to my heart is


This  attempt of mine is based on EAST MEETS WEST concept…HOLI is an Indian festival of Colors and EASTER is about eggs so here are the Colorful eggs to wish you all a very Happy Holi and Easter…



होली त्यौहार है रंगों का, और ईस्टर त्यौहार है अंडों का
ये रंगीले अंडे समन्वय हैं, होली और ईस्टर के त्यौहार का
जीवन में आपके रंग रहे सदा, ख़ुशी और प्यार का
साथ रहे सदा आपके प्यार, दोस्तों और परिवार का
यही मूल है इस बार इस त्यौहार , हमारी शुभकामनाओं का..

Depending on if you want vibrant summer or pastels pick any of these ideas and if you want to mix the two.. go with either the pastel balloons or bright eggs, Enjoy the creations and don’t forget to share the pictures of your creations here in the comments below.

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