Thoughts N more..As the name suggests is a long journey of self exploration involving various facets of life.It has been culmination of various thoughts that I often ponder, experiences in and around me that make my creative juice flow through my thought process. The innocent questions asked by my kids , the tussles/hassles I have seen people around me face and of course the feedback from family & friends all these have played as catalyst in giving birth to this BLOG space ..”THOUGHT’S N MORE..”

Arts/Creativity not only acts as canvas for my emotional & creative outburst but it also gives me inner peace.. moreover the little art projects I do with my kids is my little way of building memories with them.

Culture section is a journey to quench to Why’s …. this started when I was bombarded (in a nice way) to all different types of queries, why you celebrate this particular festival ?? Why women wear a dot on their forehead 🙂 ,  What is the significance of “Namaste”?? Some of these I could answer and many I could not, that’s when  I realized, sometimes we take things for granted and sometimes we just keep on following our elders without knowing the reasons WHY we are doing WHAT we are doing.. Thanks to all those who posed these questions and alsoto my kids(They have hundreds of WHY’s, if not millions). I started learning from various sources the answers to these questions.

“Amazed” is a smaller term to put in words my feelings as I have been learning answers to these questions, how scientific and how foresighted our ancestors were to think minutely and lay/implement certain outlines as rituals for the coming generations to follow. Things need to change in order to adapt to the changing social scenarios but its always nice to know the source or your roots.


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