Renovation Project : Door mat

Innovation sometimes doormat2leads to Renovation“. No I’m not kidding this project is prefect example of what lead me to say the above comment.

It was raining the other day and the kids were not able to play outside and we were thinking what to do.I was trying to innovate some fun activity or game. My doormat was one thing I was thinking to change and was not getting time to go and shop around for the same, this seemed a perfect time to do something about it.

So just picked up the mat and grabbed the paints and brush and the evening turned in to a beautiful art project and VoilĂ  !!! We have a colourful welcoming door mat. I don’t think it will be exaggeration to say now its a sight for the sore eye.

Compare the before and after picture and tell us what you think… and don’t forget to start looking around your home and see what can be your renovation project 🙂 and do share your picture here


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