Floral Tiara’s

Spa_party6Floral Tiara’s are a new trend this season and loved by the girls of all age group. Like all the other girls my LO was also fascinated by this beautiful accessory and wanted it for her birthday. I decided to make a craft activity with her and the joy of having one custom built with the colors she likes and satisfaction of “made by me” was good enough for her to cherish this tiara. Try making this craft with your girls this summer, or have a Girls night out with your friends and have this as a party activity, I am sure each one will enjoy as not only its a beautiful accessory but also a great prop for the photo shoots.You can use flowers of different colors or even different sizes.These are perfect return gifts too for birthdays or for any bridal shower give aways or even the religious functions(Like kanya pooja in Navratri) . Use them for the preggy mom’s photo shoot. I am sure it will brighten that smile even more 🙂

Enjoy this summer with this craft and don’t forget to give feedback …Happy Crafting

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