Mandla (Mandala/Mandal)

Watermark-Painting1Mandal word comes from the Sanskrit word “मंडल” the literal meaning of which is circle. The word circle also means completeness or wholeness. Its a spiritual and religious symbol in many Vedic based religions representing universe. Usually its a complex abstract design that is in circular form with one identifiable center point from which emanates patterned symbols and shapes.

A Mandal is considered to have healing properties too, for many just looking at the circular pattern brings calm and contentment, hence its used as focal point for meditation or introspection. It also depicts essence of life , our relation to the infinity and single unit of unity within us which is our “mind”. It also represents material world which includes our circle of family, friends ,society and the non-material world our solar system and its components , the planets and the sun. Its believed to be a stress buster too, try it out sometime when you are tired or stressed just simply start drawing the concentration and trying to find patterns that assimilate well to create the mandal will channelize your energy and bring your focus to the constructive thoughts and soon you will realize the feeling of calmness within you.

In many parts of India, mandal have become base for creating Rangoli’s(designs done on the floor with colored sand) .

Try out this art form and do give the feedback !!!

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