It hurts…..

IMG_2429Yes, I am a happy go lucky person. Yes, everything is going well in my life. Yes, I feel blessed with what I have in my life. Yes, you read it right ..yet few things hurt me.

I have felt hurt in the past few weeks with what is happening around me and this time I am not going to sit,watch,hear and sulk or just make it a casual discussion over the dinner table.I am going to voice my thoughts. I know my opinion or thoughts may not make a huge difference or may not be trending or may not get hits or likes (that is not the intention either) in the electronic world because I am not a celebrity and because I am not creating controversies, but I know the pain and agony that a common citizen like me can relate to ..I know the strength of common people and I believe in it and I know together we can make the difference. I know if you and me the common people, the majority (irrespective of the color of our skin) who share the same feelings and thoughts and don’t mind sharing them on our wall, together we can create a stir,  so here it is TO THE POWER OF A COMMON CITIZEN….

  1. It hurts…when the countries I love the most are going through tragic times.Yes , you can love two countries with equal passion and patriotism at the same time.
  2. It hurts…when a 6 year old who like any other kid goes to school on a regular school day and gets shot and the parents loose him forever.
  3. It hurts…when you come to know that the 6 year old was shot by a teenager.What kind of society we are giving to the next generation that they are so vulnerable to their surrounding.
  4. It hurts… to realize that somewhere we are doing something wrong , why our kids are not strong enough mentally, they can get bullied over the brands of shoes or clothes they are wearing.
  5. It hurts…when the soldiers of the country are dedicating and sacrificing their lives and the citizens of the country ,sit in a cozy room and argue about proof of their work.
  6. It hurts… when a soldier has to justify his/her job as not any other regular job, when celebrities or business keep their own personal interest above the interest of nation.
  7. It hurts…. when a country which is based on thousands of year old civilization is just projected by media as a country of snake charmers, potholes and slums.
  8. It hurts.…when a country is misinterpreted as a land of divorces,drinks  and drugs by the wrong projection of media.
  9. It hurts….. when so called intellectual people and countries try to over power others by belittling others.
  10. It hurts…. when people don’t value the life they are blessed with and the freedom that a country provides them.
  11. It hurts…when we just depend on others to bring the change in the country,society or government.

Let’s give a clean and healthy environment for the generations to come , a legacy that they can be proud of. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s not watch the reactions happen let’s be the catalyst.

Let’s have no more HURTS !!!!


  1. 4 thoughts on “It hurts…..

    Well said, Preeti. Truly, the world around is getting harder to make any sense of. You see and hear things that you couldn’t have imagined in your worst nightmare twenty years ago.

    • 4 thoughts on “It hurts…..

      Exactly Archu di, with more advancement , you think we will be more compassionate and connected but instead we are turning more passionate and disconnected and we need to work towards changing it.

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