GOND Painting : (Ancient Tribal Art of India)

Gond is the second largest tribal group in India located mostly in the central part of India.Gonds are considered to be of Dravidian origin.

Gond_PaintingThe Gond Paintings are traditional art form of Gond Community mostly done on the walls and floors of the homes of the people.The major belief in doing so is that the Gonds believe that looking at beautiful stuff brings good luck and also wards off evil. The Gonds are very close to nature hence nature plays an important role in their paintings. Most of their paintings depict flora and fauna of local areas and Gods and Goddess. The colors used in Gond Paintings are Natural colores or dyes mostly made of colored soil, leaves,flowers etc. The speciality of Gond Paintings is the bright colors used , simple designs, double borders and if you look carefully  the paintings are just made of lines,dashes and dots. Its the Gond Tribe that is depicted in the The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling.

Although this art form is getting extinct but the government, various NGO’s and artist groups are trying hard to revive this artform. My little dedication to this beautiful art form is through this handmade GOND PAINTING.

Do try out this fascinating art form and introduce the younger generations with the rich art forms of the world.

Happy Painting !!!

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