Birthday party Idea : Nail Spa Party (Gift Idea)

Birthdays are always special but for some people its Suupeerrrrrr special…My little one is one such person. Her back counting for her birthday starts from the very next day of her birthday and this year she wanted a Nail spa Party.Her desire my Command 🙂 Thats what mommies are for right.

Below is the glimpse of our spa party room.








A little Nail spa station is set up in the corner of the room from where the kids could pickup the colors thet wanted. There were base colors to pick first , then there were varios options like sparklers, rhinestones,stickers, accent colors etc..they could choose what they want.








The munchies in the food items went with the party theme and  included pink marshmallows as they look alike cotton balls (needed for nail spa)Spa_party4,strawberry sparkles drink, pretzels, other colorful munchies that go with nail colors theme etc..







The table where the nail paint was being done had a fun flowery theme with coolorful flowers and beads decorated to give it a girlie and festive look.Spa_party3








I made a flower tiara that matched with my daughter’s birthday dress and then every girl got to wear the tiara while getting their nails done.Believe me they all felt so special and gave the best pose for the pictures 🙂 . They all loved the floral tiaras. These are also a great gift ideas for little girls and ladies.








For return gifts I did hand painted bottles with all the goodies related to Nail spa.The bottles had Candy bracelet,foam nail separator, nail cutter,nail filer, a nail paint bottle, nail cleaner brush , pumice stone, a big hand and feet lotion. The girls were so happy with these goodies. They could use the goodies inside and then the hand painted bottles could be used at home for decoration or other endless options.

These return gifts can be also used as gifts during festivals like Navratri Kanjak pooja or Golu gifts, Christmas gifts, Gifts for girl friends in Bridal showers.








Coming back to the party -The smiles and wonderful comments plus all those tiny nail painted fingers made every single effort worth . Add a few games and movie with popcorns and you will see the brightest eyes and widest smiles I promise 🙂


Happy Partying and Happy gifting 🙂

  1. 5 thoughts on “Birthday party Idea : Nail Spa Party (Gift Idea)

    Luvly theme for all girls party…..u absolutely made ur lil princess bday special.Luv ur blogs…..lukng fwd to more write ups by u.

    • 5 thoughts on “Birthday party Idea : Nail Spa Party (Gift Idea)

      Thanks a lot Preethi for your kind words. Surely will blog more , its these feedbacks that make me keep blogging 🙂

  2. 5 thoughts on “Birthday party Idea : Nail Spa Party (Gift Idea)

    That’s an awesome idea of gifts…very nice,creative with a personal touch

    • 5 thoughts on “Birthday party Idea : Nail Spa Party (Gift Idea)

      Glad you like it Preethi. Thanks for the feedback.

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