Tangled (कश्मकश )

Tangled is the word I chose for this topic, I could have very well chosen Dilemma but I feel its more of a situation where we are always tangled between past and future…when we were young , we all wanted to grow up fast and be independent, at this stage when we are grown up and all independent, we cherish the past and wish may be those days lasted a little longer … I see my kids and hear them saying “when I grow up “and then I talk with my school friends and all feel “those were the days” ..so I guess at every stage of life we are tangled between past and future hence the topic “Tangled” 🙂

Like all the other things even Technology has its Pros and cons.. I love the fact that I am in touch with all my school/college friends and all my extended family members. Time and other constraints do not make it possible to be in touch with them through calls and all but its nice to know about their kids and families and about them too .In most of all our chats we do reminiscence our good old childhood memories, but if I rewind back we all were in a rush to grow up , even now when we are grown up and all independent we still toil and work hard for future..the irony is Future is unknown..we all make plans for 10 years down the lane ..when we don’t know what is going to actually happen tomorrow. Planning or thinking for future is not bad..Don’t get me wrong there..I am on the same boat too , but all I am saying is not at the expense of our present /today. I guess we all are somewhere or other missing out on enjoying our present in rushing towards future and reminiscing over the past..Let’s make the most of our present and teach our kids too to enjoy what is in their hands right now…


ये कैसी कश्मकश ये कैसी जददोजहद ,
बचपन था तो बड़े हो जाने की होड़ ,
बड़े हुए तो बचपन को पीछे छोड़ आने का अफ़सोस
कल को पाने की होड़ थी , कल के छूट जाने का अफसोस था
इस आपाधापी में कब आज फिसल गया हाथों से ये पता ही नहीं चला

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