विनम्र निवेदन (Humble Request)

शिकायत नहीं विनम्र निवेदन है उनसे ,
जो बात बात में झूठ कह जाते हैं ,
उदाहरण दस में खरीदी वस्तु का दाम सौ बतलाते हैं,
नादान नहीं समझते वो , वस्तु का दाम बढ़ाने में खुद अपना दाम घटाते हैं
चुप रह जाती हूँ झूठ पे उनके , औ वो खुश हो जाते हैं “इम्प्रैशन” जमा लिया मुझपे ,
मैं उनकी ऐसी  छोटी सोच पे मन ही मन हंस जाती हूँ ,
हैरान भी होती हूँ कई बार , क्यों बुनते हैं ये छोटे छोटे झूठ के ताने,
क्यों इतना दिमाग लगाते हैं , या फितरत ही है इनकी ऐसी ,
बिन सोचे समझे बस यूँ ही झूठ कह जाते हैं
खुद अपने शब्दों से अपना छीछालेदर कर जाते हैं ,
आगे दिखने की होड़ में अपने को और नीचे गिरा जाते हैं ,
छोटी छोटी बातों में झूठ बुने चले जाते हैं
सत्यवादी इस युग में हो , इतनी आशावादी भी नहीं,
निरा कारण झूठ जो बोले , उसकी हिमायतदार भी नहीं
एक निवेदन है इनसे बस , कहती नहीं पर समझ जाती हूँ
सो मत बोलो झूठ जहां उसकी दरकार नहीं

प्रीती मिश्र तिवारी
२७ जून २०१५

The above poem is not a complaint but a humble request to all those people who lie for little or no reasons. I am sure we all come across instances when people lie and you can actually see through that they are lying :-). What do you do in such situations ?? Do you point out to them then and there that they are lying, do you keep quiet and just listen to their fabricated so called truth? How it impacts you when you come across people who regularly lie ?? Do you stop believing in them completely..like just get entertained with their talks without putting even 2 cents of thoughts to it? Do you start to maintain a distance from them?
I wonder why people lie so much…I mean you keep personal stuff to yourself totally understandable. I understand that no body speaks 100% truth all the time that is also understandable.. but what is the use of lying for all the little tit-bits of life? What does one achieve out of it? I have seen people lying about petty issues like they bought a stuff from somewhere (low end shops) and then will name a Big brand shop and say they got it from there. One time a friend told me they have bought a furniture set for $16000 and later it was known it was bought for $3000 :-). People going some where and lying about it, telling you that they called you but actually never did , telling you that life is so busy they don’t get a break , haven’t been out in a while and you keep seeing their party pictures tagged by other friends on Facebook. I wonder sometime is it the complex they have that they feel the need to lie in certain situations, or its just their habit it comes out even before they can think of. Do such people ever realize that their lies are very well understood by others.
My humble request to such people is please don’t fabricate stuff on petty issues cause just because some one is not questioning it does not mean that they are accepting your false stories… you are just making a mockery of yourself with all your lies.
I am not asking for the ideal world or human beings that are always full of ideal qualities, but I am also not in favor of lying unnecessarily, Please don’t lie where it is not required… Your lies project you only in a different way…
Be honest and be in peace 🙂