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An Attitude for Gratitude 

What better day to talk about #Gratitude than your BIRTHDAY !! Yes I celebrated my birthday recently  and as I sat down to pen my thoughts on journey so far, I realized  I am truly grateful to be blessed with this beautiful journey called “LIFE” and have realized that the new version of you (Released after you turn 40) is much- much better version of you. The bug fixes done on the  newer versions based on the previous versions glitch experience  brings out the best of you. Well I mean that the lessons you learn and how it improves you as a person is all based off your past experiences. You realize that with each passing year – you evolve as A more mature YOU, a more humble YOU, a more carefree YOU . Basically with every release You are a finer version of you. Think about it in a way that your every birthday is God’s way of releasing the newer version of you . It all depends on whether you want to install those new updates within you or not.

All those people with whom you have crossed path in the life so far , you stop categorizing them as good or bad, you realize all of them were there to provide the experiences so as you can grow and become a BETTER YOU. These experiences have made you the butterfly you are now coming out of your own cocoon.

So embrace each and every experience in your life, each and every person that you cross your path with in this life –  they are there as HIS (God’s) plan to help you grow , to turn you in to a beautiful butterfly.

Over this journey I have realized the importance of #Gratitude and how insufficiently we tap this concept which can actually bring tremendous positivity too. Appreciate people, places, experiences … specially people… let them know what you appreciate in them, remember we all are here in this world for a limited time so don’t wait until the time of the obituary(no this is not at all pessimistic view 🙂 ) to tell them what you loved and admired about them.

Get in to habit of appreciating , Leverage this attitude in your professional and personal life. Start appreciating generously and  I don’t mean false appreciation or being pretentious, When you speak from your heart it does touch other person so yes when you find something appreciative don’t hold back on conveying it. This includes people, places, experiences any and everything that you encounter.

If you consciously start putting it in to action, Before you know you will realize you are building a happier and more efficient team not to mention a team that is motivated. If you have such a team then do you think you even have to worry about the result??

You will be wondering how you can bring it in to action, there are many ways – most important in to make a conscious effort every single day and how about starting a tradition in home and work,

Have a gratitude jar at home where all the family members can put a note on what they feel thankful for and what a beautiful way to start the new year by reading them all with your loved ones. Similarly have it as a practice at work with your team on a regular cadence to share your appreciation/gratitude.

Open your heart and you will find abundance of love and positivity flowing your way… did I mention LAW OF NATURE !!!! What goes around comes around 🙂

Let’s keep embracing what life gives us with our chins up and smile on our lips and Gratitude in our heart. Let’s make it a habit and you will realize the ripple effect of having an attitude of Gratitude.


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