Lessons To learn from SunderKand

SunderkandShri Hanuman, is one of the pivotal character in Shri Ramcharit Manas. It’s said that reciting Sunderkand every Saturday is fruitful in many different way.Not Only you can learn Lessons from Sunderkand but it gives you peace too.

We used to recite it but never learnt the hidden meanings behind it. But, this time when we decide to start our New year Weekend with Sunderkand path , I wanted to explain it to my kids (and my friend’s those who were attending) the lessons they can learn from it. This is when, the thought came in my mind, to why not share it on my BLOG too so as it can help all parents like me who might be interested in teaching their kids (and in the process also willing to learn themselves too) a few lessons of life.

Sunderkand is the fifth chapter of the Seven Chapters of Shri Ramcharit Manas. It talks about Realization of power within Shri Hanuman ji, about execution of very difficult tasks & his journey to Lanka as a messenger of Shri Ram.


1)Jamwant making Hanuman ji realize his powers which he had forgotten.

  Lesson :

  • We all have some hidden qualities within us, the need is to Just identify it.Each and every individual has some unique quality all we need is to identify it and tap it.
  • One should have friends (just like Jamwant) and value them as they help one to grow by identifying their hidden potential and  boosting them.

2) Mainak mountain offers help to Shri Hanuman ji to take rest while his journey to Lanka. Hanuman ji declines the help politely.


  • Be focused towards your goal.
  • Don’t give up until you reach your goals, however far they seem. Sometimes there might be temptations mid way to give up your goals but do not fall for those.
  • Be polite even when you have to say no.You don’t have to hurt any ones feeling while turning down their offer.

3) Sursa (the sea serpent) comes in the way of Shri Hanuman and wants to have him as food. Shri Hanuman requests her to let him go and he will later on willingly enter her mouth. Sursa does not agrees to it and starts increasing her size and so does Shri Hanuman. Later he takes a very minute size and keeping his promise enters Sursa’s mouth and quickly comes out and escapes.

 Lesson :

  • Only physical power can not help you all the time its the intelligence too that is important.
  • One should know how to use Strength/power effectively.
  • The powers should be used only when needed.
  • Respect your words and be true to them.

4) After reaching Lanka Shri Hanuman stops on a mountain. He looks carefully in to the city that he has never been to and analyses . He decides to enter the city at night and in a very small form.

Lesson :

  •  Always understand or get overview of your problem.
  •  Look for the details and then make a plan.

5) Lankini notices Shri Hanuman even in the tiny form and restricts him from going in the city. He hits her with a fist and then gets in the city.

Lesson :

  • Your actions should be based on what a situation requires for.
  • Do as needed.
  • Never misuse your power.

6) In the city of Lanka, Shri Hanuman notices Tulsi plant(Holy plant) in a palace and a small temple with signs of Bow and arrow of Shri Ram. Thus he reaches Vibhishan’s house who later helps Shri Hanuman.

Lesson :

  • Pay attention to even small details.
  • Think Logically.

7) Vibhishan explains that he loves and follows the Lord, even though he lives between demons. Just like a tongue is soft and supple though its enclosed by hard and strong teeths, so is he Loving and following the Lord though living amongst demons.

Lessons :

  • Its your actions that makes you the person what you are and not your company.
  • Your company can have least effect on you unless you yourself let that happen.
  • No one can misguide you or lead you to wrong path unless you allow them.

8) Shri Hanuman approaches Sita carefully. He sits on a tree, and sings praises of Lord Ram and then drops the ring of Lord Ram in front of Sita.

Lesson :

  • When a person is in problem, don’t just lead to action/conclusion. Think from other person’s point of view. Living so long, amongst demons if Shri Hanuman would have suddenly appeared in front of Sita ji , she might have considered him too as one of them or got scared….so instead he created an environment of comfort by singing praise of Lord Rama and then gaining her confidence by giving Lord’s ring as proof.

9) After meeting Sita ji and conveying message of Lord Ram, Shri Hanuman takes permission from Sita and goes ahead to have food in Ashok Vatika.

Lesson :

  • Even when you are very busy or have some daunting or fun tasks ahead , still take out time for your daily chores like having food timely and all other activities. These are a must for a healthy body and should not be overlooked for other stuff.

10) When Meghnath sends Brahmaastra, Shri Hanuman ji had enough power to avoid it. Despite of boon from Lord Brahma , Shri Hanuman bows down in front of Brahmaastra.

Lesson :

  • Respect the powers/knowledge of others.
  • Be Humble irrespective of knowledge/power/position you have achieved.
  • There is no need to show off your power/knowledge/position by letting down others.

11)When taken to the court of Lanka, as a punishment to Shri Hanuman his tail is to be set on fire.He enjoys the situation by increasing his tail and amuses people around him.

Lesson :

  • Fun is also important in life.
  • Enjoy the moment of life with some Humour and fun.

12) Shri Hanuman before leaving Lanka burns the important places in lanka.

Lesson :

  • Shri Hanuman knew that later Lord Ram will come with his army ,so to help them out he already destroys the important places that he had carefully studied and noted. Plan ahead and take actions accordingly.
  • Do not wait till the last minute to accomplish a task.

13) Shri Hanuman returns back after completing the task assigned By Lord Ram and gives him message of Sita ji. When Lord Ram priases Shri Hanuman for his exemplary work, Shri Hanuman explains that he could accomplish the task assigned as he kept Lord Shri Ram in his mind and it was because of His grace that he was successful in his mission.

Lesson :

  • Have Faith in the Almighty.
  • Be humble. “I did” should not be the focus, if you are good at something people will realize eventually .
  • When you do good to others don’t keep remembering and reminding them ..I Did this for you…(as this leads to expectations, which can become cause of sorrow or hurt).
  • Goodness/Qualities of a person can never be hidden , it will eventually be realized. It does not needs marketing.

14)After receiving message from Shri Hanuman, the army of monkey’s starts gathering on the other side of sea. Getting this news Ravan holds a meeting on court and asks for suggestions for actions to be taken by his courtiers. They laugh off the information and keep praising Ravan and satisfying his ego.

Lesson :

  • Always be watchful of advice from people around you. The flattery will not lead you to path of growth. Especially three people : DOCTOR, TEACHER and ADVISOR(SECRETARY), if they do not give you the true information/feedback and only try to please you by flattery, your downfall is sure.
  • Always surround yourself with people who will give you true feedback, flattery might please the ears , but it will certainly not help in your growth.

NOTE : This is not to promote religion or culture but the lessons here can be helpful  to all specially for our kids. You can explain the lessons from a kid’s /corporate/individual perspective for teaching.

  1. 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

    Preeti, I’ve been to sunderkanth paTs hundreds of times but never really thought Of the words.
    Please keep posting stuff like this, I really enjoy it.

    • 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

      Thanks a lot Renita, I agree as I have been in the same boat. Surely will post more such articles. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

  2. 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

    Beautiful work !!I remember my grandfather explaining us the hidden meanings.
    got back my childhood memories.

    • 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

      Thanks Rasika, I am glad the article took you down the memory lane of your childhood.Yes Grandparents sometime play a vital role in our childhood unknowingly and we can learn so much from them.

    • 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

      I am glad Rasika the article took you down the memory lane…and you enjoyed it

  3. 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

    After going through the lessons , I realized that so far I have not thought in that depth. Though I am reading sundarkand 5-6 Doha every day.
    There are lot food for thought in Sundar Kand. Preeti Congratulation for opening the eye of every one reading the sundarkand, but not going in to depth of it.

  4. 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

    Hi Preeti,
    Great job Preeti
    Beautifully comprehended… I opened this post yesterday but couldn’t read…started my day with this beautiful post.
    I think repeated reading of sunderkand has been told to learn these lessons… You really a fast learner!!
    Whenever I read sunderkand on the back of mind I take out ‘SAAR’ but penning down so beautifully is just a master stroke….I loved the ashok Vatika episode of HanumanjI intoducing himself to Sitajit…
    Waiting for more to come….

    • 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

      Thansk a lot Shraddha for the feedback…surely will write more…such responses keep me going 🙂

  5. 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

    I simply want to tell you that I am just beginner to blogging and absolutely liked you’re web-site. Almost certainly I’m likely to bookmark your website . You definitely come with fantastic article content. Appreciate it for sharing with us your web site.

  6. 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

    Hi Preeti

    Thank u so much for this – i want to learn more on the sundar kand and this information helped me so much

  7. 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

    Great insight would also like that we don’t overlook the bonding ,fidelity and respect needed between spouses.to add to it the emotional intelligence which Hanuman ji showed on meeting Sita mata for the first time,he was such an intense empath that even he started weeping seeing her pain.Jai Sita Ram.Jai Hanuman!!!

    • 20 thoughts on “Lessons To learn from SunderKand

      Yes Tina…if we can analyse and understand the deep meanings embedded in our epics we can lead a happy and healthy life..its all in our perception how we look and analyze stuff.

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