Halloween-No Pumpkin Halloween Decor





Fall represents not only the crisp winter mornings, the pumpkins, the chrysanthemums,Orange,yellow,red,brown colors,the perfect pumpkin spice latte etc. But also, a lot of fun filled activities with the beginning of festivities both on the East and West side of the world. Loads of ways to involve the kids and do fun activities with them and make beautiful memories.

Pumpkin carving is one such activity , but what if you don’t have the time to get the pumpkins or what if you have little ones who are not yet old enough to do such activity.Don’t let these things dampen your fall spirit … Lets do some Halloween Activity without pumpkins Yes you read right “no pumpkins” but as the picture suggests with “Milk Can”.

Enjoy this fall/Halloween with milk cans…save a few and then let your little ones put their imaginations on cans..You can use the Sharpie pens or the Construction papers.Yes the milk can also can give the same spooky effect :-)).

With the rainy and gloomy weather outside today and no classes for kids this evening ..here is a spooky peek of what we did …Hope you got some ideas and can do something similar. Don’t forget to share pictures of your spooky work.



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