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A New year, a new beginning, a fresh start , a clean canvas. If you were wondering why I kept “Craft your Present” title for my post, then I chose this topic as this is the first anniversary of my BLOG too. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

Yes, the bottles are hand painted by me and no I have not done painting classes formally and its an art I developed lately only…but I love it. I love keeping myself busy it gives me that extra push which is much required.Yes I get tired too, sometimes even I feel I am dabbling in too many things or I am unable to be in charge of everything around me but then comes the voice in my head “This shall pass too” 🙂

We all carry some kind of baggage from our various relations(personal and professional) and our daily routines,just as these bottles come with different labels.Thinking them as useless once the juice out of it is gone we can either trash them or scrape them off ,clean it up, and use it fresh and make something beautiful or creative out of it. Same way you can be bogged down by your daily routine and find the daily routine monotonous or shake off the labels and explore your potentials.The point is to challenge yourself. An older friend of mine told me ” I like to be busy…Busy means Buzzing with Life. I would rather be busy than be free, twirling my thumbs and sitting idle doing nothing” and I could not agree with her more.

A friend of mine shared a story about a company that supplied fresh fish to food industry.The demand of fresh fish increased so much that the boats capturing them got bigger and the distance these boats traveled grew longer,resulting in long return time hence the Fish loosing their USP : The Freshness. The company decided to resolve the issue by putting freezer in the boats .Few months went by but the sale of the company started declining, research showed the customers were not liking the taste of frozen fishes.The company tried putting big water tanks on the boats and stuffing it with fresh fish fin to fin to make more profits. The food industry was not willing to pay the same price for their fish as the tired and dull fishes cramped in small place didn’t taste well. Today the company is flourishing and making money with one simple solution.They added small shark to each water tank, the challenge to save their lives kept the fishes active and fresh :-). I know like you, even I would be questioning the authenticity of the story. Point here is that we all sometimes feel dull and bored in this day to day routine of our pond of life. The way to keep it BUZZING is keep yourself busy.. add a little shark to your pond. Set some goals for yourself, challenge yourself, learn something new ,push yourself harder, not only these new challenges will keep you fresh and flourishing , but the satisfaction you will gain by achieving them and the examples you will set for people around you is beyond explanation.

Keep like minded people around you, Meet with one who will challenge you, push you, bring the best out of you (Mainly its all within you). Unravel the possibilities within you and get BUSY:BUZZING WITH LIFE.:-) and I promise once you start crafting your present you will be humming a happy tune at the end of the day.

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    Well said, Preeti! Reminds me of a topic we had to write a paragraph upon in school–It is better to wear out than to rust. Many people think they have done their duty to themselves, having a job or managing a house, and there is no need to do anything more. But the fact is that our brain gets used to that rut, it does not think new thoughts or take up a challenge. I have met people who actually believe that watching serials on TV is an activity!

    • 5 thoughts on “Craft your Present : My Hand painted Bottles

      🙂 True Archu di, I feel age should not be a factor to tell you when to stop learning.Life itself is a journey of learning, making mistakes, developing ourselves in every possible way. You said very aptly that having a job or managing home should not be the only and ultimate goal of one.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Craft your Present : My Hand painted Bottles

    Those are beautiful! May I ask what type of paint and brushed you used?

    • 5 thoughts on “Craft your Present : My Hand painted Bottles

      Thanks Ann, Glad you liked it.That’s acrylic paint and I mostly used 0 brush. You can change the brush size per how intricate you want your designs.

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