A Mother’s Plea….

I don’t wish for too much money,
I don’t wish for too much prosperity ,
I wish for inner peace for you and me,
I don’t long for eternal beauty ,
Nor to be healthy night and day ,
For those are the things bound to fade away..
I wish the hatred from hearts to go away
For HE never asked us to pray HIM in different names
Nor HE asked us to erect monuments for his fame
He gave us a life to live with love , harmony and gay …
I wish for kids (mine and yours) to see the love and harmony
To see the inner beauty us HUMANS hold ..
A world to LIVE .. A world to LOVE..
I wish tonight .. As I lit the candle and pray …


As 2014 is winding up….the memories of 2013 come rushing through…around the same time in 2012 was Sandy brook shooting massacre with little ones loosing their lives in USA. 2008 it was Mumbai(India) terrorist attack  and then again this year in Pakistan little kids lost their lives to the aspirations of some adults…

To tell you the truth, I avoid reading all these news cause then the thoughts linger on my mind for so long….but this news was all around the Internet and various other media modes. The Facebook page was flooded with the news, so I gathered all my strength to read this article (My basic principle is if something gives you negative vibes ,stay away from it) and as I read the gruesome details of how 141 children were made to stand in a line and just shot down…. to say I had goosebumps is not enough…

I could not sleep the whole night. The loss of parents of these deceased kids ached my heart. I could not let my mind & heart imagine what these little fellows might have gone through during that time…what must have been rushing through their minds, why were they chosen for such hideous act.They didn’t even experience the beauty of life… WHY ????

As a mom I want my kids to live in a HAPPY and HEALTHY world (I am sure Mom’s all around the world desire the same). We have enough to worry about, as far as natural resources /calamities are concerned. I want our kids to know that we can exist together “living” with our differences and still “loving” each other. Where is it written or which religion in the world suggests that we can get happiness by hurting others? That, we need to kill each other to prove our points. Any issue that needs killing of other human beings to prove a POINT is not worth it(in my mind).

I want the kids to learn to love each other, to have respect for each other, to exuberate self confidence, yet be humble. To learn to share , to care, to be grateful for what we have. Sharing a little bit of HAPPINESS will eventually bring happiness to them. Sympathy, Empathy, Gratitude are not merely words in dictionary.They still live, are real and exist in real people.

I know things can not change in one night and I know one person alone can not bring the revolution, but I know we all in our own little way can bring these changes and make THIS WORLD a BEAUTIFUL place for us and for our coming generations.

My baby step in this direction has been by making my kids say a little prayer for the things they are thankful for that day , for the food they got that day and be grateful for that one little thing that made them happy on that very day and one thing that they did in the whole day that they think might have brought happiness to the other person. I know these are not some great or highly revolutionizing actions but the regular reinforcements of these little actions will hopefully nurture GREAT humans and a GREAT WORLD…. Amen !!!

Please do share if you do take any such baby steps or have any ideas…cause TOGETHER WE CAN …:-))

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