Makar Sankranti

A very HAPPY LOHRI, MAKAR SANKRANTI, UTTARAYAN, MAGHI, KHICHADI & PONGAL...  Makar Sankranti, probably the only Indian festival that comes on the same date every year as it is based on the Sun’s position as compared to all the other Indian festivals that are based on Moon’s positioning. A festival of harvest , of Sun’s transition to Makar Rashi(Capricorn Astrological sign), a festival to mark onset of spring. Different reasons, different names in different regions in India and neighbouring countries.

I try to explain my kids what every festival signifies and why we do it. Some times the family traditions help or the elders of the family help or sometimes internet helps me in this quest of mine. I don’t want them to accept the things “JUST BECAUSE WE DO IT”, instead I want them to UNDERSTAND why we do it or what we learn out of it.

Lots of material can be found on the internet about its significance as Harvest festival , transition of Sun etc. but how do I explain all of it to my little ones who are not mature enough to understand all of it. Ok, let me take a step back and accept.. I still don’t get the complete picture of it. So how do I explain my kids who are raised in the “WEST” side of the world with something that is done on the “EAST” side of the world of which even I don’t have complete understanding. A mother’s/parent’s dilemma right.. I keep insisting my kids to tap the power and opportunity to learn. Learn from books, from TV, from movie basically from any and everything you do try to learns what you can. One should practice what one preaches right . So I started writing down what I know of this festival and how I can open the learning channel for them.Well I know its the festival of Harvest so I plan to tell them

1) Its the festival to show GRATITUDE to mother nature for her bounty .Appreciate what you have got and be thankful for it.

As it marks the change of season ..

2) CHANGE is part of life, its a way to live and give way to new things in life while appreciating old things. (Isn’t that what I am doing right now for my kids..making them learn old festivals in new perspective). You need to assimilate new things with the old in order to grow.

since we eat sweets made of til(sesame) and gud(Jaggery)

3)Til or sesame seeds are pretty SMALL, so small things have there own significance.Happiness lies in the little things of life. A little hug, splash of water, tiny flower, a little help, a little lullaby, a game of candy land or snake & ladder..that’s where the HAPPINESS is .Try to find and give happiness through small little things.

Jaggery ..

4) Be SWEET(nice) to others, just like when the Ladoos of til & Gud are made and eaten its the sweetness of gud that lingers on our tastesbud..not the til, similarly its the sweetness (kindness) of a person that remains immortal.

Kite flying is also a major activity during Uttrayan

5) Learn from kite… be LIGHT don’t weigh yourself down with pride of what you got or what you are capable of, coz then you will not soar high for sure. To soar High let go off the weight of PRIDE.

6) Face the CHALLENGES that come your way. Do not give up to the obstacles that cross your path. A kite always flies higher AGAINST the wind. Every challenge similarly thrown at you will help you improve , grow better , learn something more. Accept it with open hands and mind.