A dear friend of mine suggested me to explore my writing skills in the area of Humor(Humour). Since then, my mind started exploring and weighing various options on what subject to write on.

Human personalities have always fascinated me, there is something about the human behaviour that helps understand nature of a person. Now, when I say that, please don’t assume that I understand human nature inside out, believe me sometime I am a mystery to myself too. Saying that, won’t you agree that with experience you do learn quiet a bit. I can say with my own experiences with people, my intuitions/perceptions don’t go wrong most of the time.

Coming back to finding humor(humour) and writing about it that will raise enough interest amongst my BLOG readers, I decided to narrow down on a topic that most of us can relate to. What better way to start with Facebook , since many of us start our day with looking at our Facebook account rather than looking in to our face in the mirror in the morning ;-). Here are few of the personality traits which make Facebook quiet an interesting socializing stop in the field of media. You may associate yourself with one of them or to quiet a few of them or might associate many from your friends list to these personality traits ..With a grain of salt READ it , ENJOY it and SHARE IT ,if you were smiling even once while reading these personalities :-)). Please update me if I missed any or if you have come across any other kind of species too 🙂

1) LIKERS : These are the people you will rarely find commenting on anything. All you see is them LIKING hundreds of pictures and posts, basically liking each and everything that comes on their news feed (I guess ). Sometimes I wonder, If they even read the stuff written (because I have seen them liking posts where a death has been mentioned or a sad incident is mentioned). Hmmmm.. do we really like that stuff or am I not sensitive enough ???

 2) ACCOUNTANTS: These are an interesting group of people. I admire them for their immense aptitude of tracking and keeping record of likes and comments. They don’t care what you write or what picture you post. If you like their picture they will like yours, no matter its good or bad. If you put comment on their post/picture they will do it to yours. Meaning they keep their accounts perfectly balance.

3) FEELERS: Now this is one interesting group of people..majority of the time their post starts with “feelings” feeling loved (Really ?? if so then why you are on FB updating status), Feeling emotional (use that tissue box next to you why FB) Missing so and so…(ok.. I get it, then why not pickup the phone and talk to the one whom you are missing , why putting the status on FB for whole world). Enjoying family time in a restaurant (so then enjoy it dear with the good food and family ..why busy updating status on FB). Watching so and so Movie (well is the movie so boring that you have to update status).

4) LOVE BIRDS: This is the most interesting specie…Its quiet interesting to read their posts. When you read them and when you look at their pictures , you will feel like may be Shakespeare was inspired by them only, to write Romeo-Juliet. My Love, Our Journey together, My life, etc..that’s just a few words..their PDA might make you wonder about  your own love life. Its ironical that majority of them are ANGRY BIRDS in real life :-). Most of the time the case is people who PDA (Public Display Of affection) on facebook are not at all having PDA’s (Private Display of Affection) in home ground. I hope and wish these angry birds truly turn in to Love birds one day.

5) STALKERS :These are the ones whom one should be extremely careful of. I feel sometimes I need to go back and revisit my friends list just to keep a tab on this specie. They will become friends with most of the people that you know of (common friends you understand but sometimes you wonder how do these people know your other friends ?? cause there is hardly any common connection and then you come to know they became friends to your friends as “YOU” are that common connection. They will like all those posts /pictures what you like. Sometimes they even tend to write exact same wordings too. (well you are an inspiration to them after all 🙂 ) They will pretty much copy your each and every action , you can not have your signature way of doing things coz they are ready with their copying way to do the same. They will follow you not just to the friends, but to the groups you join, whatever you post in it they will do exactly same thing. They will basically make you realize what a creepy feeling of being stalked is.

6) SPIRITUALS: Now these are the species who have devoted themselves to Almighty on facebook. All you see from them is pictures of God/Goddess or verses from their Holybooks.Thanks to them for saving others from a trip to all these religious places and helping with Gas(Petrol/Diesel) savings and in turn environment friendly.

7) GLOOMIES: These people are living a real tough life. You really feel why God gives them so much trouble and hardship. Every other day they are sad , or feeling low or having problem in their life or have some kind of physical pain, I just wonder how posting on FB will help them overcome their issues. God knows soon, FB might start charging them for it (if the issues are resolved by sharing their issues on FB then FB has to charge for those services right)

8) REFORMERS: This is another interesting specie. Its always nice to get views on different stuff from people cause sometimes it broadens your thinking or changes your perspective to look in to issues in a different light. These are the people who have pretty much opinion on each and every thing, not only opinion, but suggestions too… right from the knick knack of homes to the worldly affairs. Interesting thing is that they are so passionate about their views that you feel sometimes if given a right chance they might be able resolve all the issues that the world is facing :-). God bless these souls.

9) SHARERS: Quite contradictory to the above mentioned as the name suggests these people have nothing of their own to write or post. Its always quotes or pictures of others that they keep on sharing. You wonder sometimes if they have their own voice or opinion. No matter what the case be they keep your Newsfeed flooded :-).

10) LIVE FEEDERS: You may not know these people well, but I can assure you within two weeks of you being friends with them , you will be knowing their exact schedule. All the personal details what they cook, what their routine is, who is their friend, what does their pet likes etc…etc..

11) I ME MYSELF :This is one group I wonder why they are even on Facebook, cause you will hardly find them commenting or liking others stuff. All they do is keep posting their pictures and status updates. If you by mistake forgot to comment or like their posts, they will make sure to point out your mistake and draw enough attention on what you missed.This will be to the extent that you may end up taking out your phone and start liking their picture or post right then and there in front of them. Well you can’t blame them they genuinely want you to be updated about them after all its all ABOUT I, ME, MYSELF.

12) DARK HORSE: Now these are the treasures from mines of Facebook. I consider them findings of Facebook. Its like when you go through their posts and pictures you realize , you hardly knew them before. You get to know their opinions, you get to know their talents , basically you get to know what they are capable of. They emerge as a totally new person to you and I really need to thank FB for introducing me to these true Dark Horses.

13) SILENT WATCHERS: This is an interesting group of people, God knows who they fear for , but you will hardly get any comments from them. I am sure Facebook will charge penalty to them, as they keep increasing the stocks of what’s app and other such social app. The reason I say it is because you post something on Facebook and you get feed back immediately on what’s app or email or other means of personal message. “Love your picture” or “love what you wrote” or “that’s a lovely dress” or “that food looked yummy, can you tell me the recipe” and you wonder “Ok.. why don’t post the response to the right source ?” They might meet you and then tell you all praises about how good your post was or how lovely you looked or how they don’t find right words to express how they felt and hence could not write and you wonder “Hello !!!! those are the exact words that you were lost of to write on the public forum and now you have exact same words to say personally. Well, you know what you don’t have to do it even now. Please exempt yourself from trying so hard to find the right words ..”.

14) GPS : Well when you read their posts you feel like you are following them through GPS or so cause they pretty much check in and check out every place they go to. Grocery store, Doctors office, Mall, Parks,Movies, Restaurants you name it and their status has it .(Thankfully some of them are wise enough not to mention about their rest room ventures)

15) Sherlock Homes : I love these species. I admire them for the time they have and I am envious of their e-devices. I wonder how good devices they have , as they can zoom and see all the details , they can comment/compliment/inquire you about even the slightest detail that may not even have come to your notice or you might even not be aware of. Thanks for taking so much time and effort in looking and noticing each and every detail. After all , all these pictures and posts are meant for that only right :-).

Well I hope you enjoyed the different facebook species (personality types on facebook) and could relate yourself or those on your friends list to some of the above mentioned ones. If it brought smile on your face then don’t forget to share this page (Of course on your Facebook wall :-))