रंगत (Colors)

Rangatवाह री रंगत दुनिया तेरी,
गिरगिट रंग बदलते हैं अपने को बचाने खातिर
पत्ते रंग बदलते हैं ,मौसम की खातिर
नित नए रंग बदलते दिखते हैं इंसान जाने किस खातिर…
कल जो तने -तने से थे आज चाशनी से घुले जाते हैं जाने किस खातिर

प्रीती मिश्र तिवारी
१० जुलाई २०१५

Oh..the Colors (Colours for those who follow British English) of world , The colours in the world are so fascinating. The leaves change colours with effect of nature. Chameleons change colours to protect themselves. The scientific word for this habit of theirs is called “Adaptation”. Ever wondered what should be the changing colours/Behaviours of human be called.At a moment they are so close and so friendly then they become all arrogant and start ignoring and then all of sudden utterly sweet. The overdose of sweetness can make you sick. You start wondering “WHY”??

I am sure we all experience such things around us and to many it bothers too.Think deeply is it the people that bother you, is it their actions that bother you or is it the “WHY” within you that bothers you. Well, the honest answer to it is , its the WHY’s that bother us. I was hearing a religious discourse and it made sense that it’s the “Why’s” within us that give us trouble.

We all experience our shares of happiness and sorrows and its the sorrows when we ask questions like “Why me” ?? or “Why this happened to me”?? Instead of wondering on “why’s” sit back and think “Can you control this situation?” If the answer is yes work towards it. If the answer is no then “WHY” to worry on something that you don’t have control on? The Why’s happen because we are unable to “ACCEPT” what is happening be it events in your life or people in your life. When you know you don’t have any control on either of these , you learn to accept it and as soon as you learn to ACCEPT this fact you are at peace with yourself.